SuperVision: A daily program for exceptional eye health. A Purna Yoga® Handbook


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The eyes may indeed be the windows to the soul, but they are also neglected and overworked. We brush our teeth and clean our body each and every day, but when do we give our eyes the care they need and deserve? There are many books about eye care. Most require a lot of study (which can contribute to eye strain!) and a commitment of practice time that is hardly possible within our busy schedules. This book introduces a sequence of exercises that you can do to keep your eyes healthy in just twelve minutes a day—twenty-four minutes if you do the series in the morning and the evening. When you consider how much work your eyes accomplish every waking minute, doesn’t just twelve minutes of “thank you” seem fair? The eyes are more intimately connected to the brain than any other part of the human body. In taking care of your eyes, you will find that you also are taking care of this master organ. Your brain will return the favor with enhanced clarity, retention, and recall.I have done this series of exercises practically every single day over the past thirty years. On those rare occasions when I rush through my morning and skip my exercises, I can feel the strain in my eyes during the day and must pick up reading glasses to read fine print. I usually do my eye exercises while taking care of my bathroom duties in the morning. This insignificant investment of time has yielded me a lifetime of clear, bright vision. I wish this same gift for you, this wonderful blessing.

Author Aadil Palkhivala

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