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Color is Life by Savitri

Color is Life by Savitri When I was 25, I was very ill and turned to meditation to support me. The first demand from my Spirit, through my meditation, was to stop wearing all dark colors, especially black and brown. I was guided to wear happy, uplifting, peaceful colors. To my surprise, my body, my mind and my emotions began to feel more balanced. I had no idea that there was such a thing as...
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The Kleshas

The Kleshas: Conquering the Fear of Death (Abhinivesha) It was a cold night in the Pacific Northwest and my beloved wife, Savitri, was dying. All her systems were failing and doctors had given up all hope. I sat beside her bed, holding her head in my hands. I met Savitri when I was 18 and was instantly captured by her haunting beauty and kind heart. I loved her beyond measure. I was calm on ...
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All Life is Yoga, Isn’t it?

“All life is yoga,” says Aadil Palkhivala, quoting one of his teachers, the Indian spiritual master Sri Aurobindo. It’s an apt tagline for someone who credits his birth to the practice. (Palkhivala’s mother struggled to get pregnant. But after she and Palkhivala’s father started practicing yoga with B.K.S. Iyengar, voilà, a son was born!) Palkhivala, a lifelong student of yoga, created a holistic...
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Apple Recipe for a Delicious Day

Welcome Autumn with Baked ApplesNothing welcomes Autumn like the fresh apple harvest, the harbinger of leaves putting on their party dresses of red, gold, orange and yellows.  Nothing perks up your spirits like the smell of baking apples with lots of cinnamon, fresh grated nutmeg, cardamom, lemon zest. Whatever you add to the apples becomes aromatherapy as you walk into your home on a cold and rai...
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More Integrity in Yoga

Aadil Wants Yoga to Be More About Integrity, Less About Ego Meet your next teacher, Aadil Palkhivala, Purna Yoga™ co-founder and mentor in Yoga Journal’s upcoming online Master Class course. Original article from July 2017 issue of Yoga Journal My first experience with yoga was in my mother’s womb. For seven years she had been unable to conceive, then she found yoga. She and my father stud...
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